No man’s sky – Starlog entry #20160904

So i’ve maxed out my multitool and spacesuit slots and am currently trying to get a better ship. At the time of writing this, i’m sitting at 38 slots. It will take some time until i reach 48 slots (the max) and it’s proven more difficult than i though – it seems that after a few new better ships, a particular system stops spawning better ships (i.e. it spawns only ships with fewer slots…).

This means i have to actually take care of my ship once in a while, by fixing and upgrading shields and weapons, or else i risk becoming pirate-food.

Let me leave you with a few pics though. First, my beautiful ship posing in various locations:

10/10 would park on a heridium phallic thingy again

Simply because i knew that the next ship would probably be ugly-as-hell:

That’s a gloryfied flying air-conditioner
He didn’t like me taking his parking spot a few pictures ago

I stopped by to say hi to Nada and Polo, who are kindly but actively trying to derail me from my Atlas path:

Nada and Polo are such cool dudes

But i’m a sheep guys, what can i say. I went running straight back to Atlas’ arms…

Stargate flashbacks: I hope there’s room for the 4th species


That thing is what we explorers call playfully a sucker…



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