No Man’s Sky – Starlog entry #20160825

Onwards with the atlas path! I reached my 4th atlas station today and i have to say these …beings, are getting weirder and weirder:

all praise the metal lava ball god!

I still don’t understand squat of what they’re telling me, but hey, would you honestly say no to this thing?

uhm… yes, sir ?

Anyway, after the atlas station my midlife crisis started creeping in again, so i went out and bought me a shiny new spaceship!

a classic sports spaceship, inspired by ancient human airplanes…

Of course i went out to try it, though the planet i visited first didn’t match the beauty of my new ship. Not by a longshot:

Deep purple. This one is full of rock too.

But at least my ship liked it. This is what spaceships must be watching for porn:

He took my parking spot, but i had the last word…

The day would have ended on a good note, since i managed to defeat about 8 pirates. But the game decided the challenging number of opponents plus the bugged (of course) weapons weren’t enough of a punishement. No, it had to crash the second i defeated the last pirate. Yaarrrrrg…


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