No man’s sky – Starlog entry #20160821

It may have taken over 30h, but i finally found my little paradise. A planet full of life with green days and purple nights, which makes for some magnificent views:

There was though some rather …interesting fauna inhabiting this particular planet. Take a look at Beebop casually stroling through the forest:

Or this giant turtle – i blame the surgeon for putting its head upside down:

Though all his misfortunes are forgotten as you watch it march majestically into the sunset:

I’m guilty of having spent too much time watching this view. When i finally was done with it, i asked a friendly creature to point me towards the nearest ruins:

It’s THAT way!

Ahem, alright, let’s get back to business here shall we?

Yup, my words exactly. Though some words are …strange, to say the least:

Ayeeeeeee! Well, that was fun, but you’re probably wandering what the heck eheu means, right? Worry not, i went and found it out for you:

Yeah… i still don’t get it either. Hey, have you ever wondered what these guys are starring at on their phablet thingy all the time? At first glance it looks like a veeeery boring representation of the current solar system. But on closer inspection… fruity loops anyone?:

Anyway, that’s all for today. I have to go bust some red crystals now if you’d excuse me. This 48-slot suit (yay! made it!) won’t power itself you know.


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