No Man’s Sky – Starlog entry #20160819

It’s my second day in the system “Greece-USA 101-95”. By the way, that is named after the last game that the USA Basketball Team has lost in official tournaments. The names of the 4 planets in this system are also inspired by that game and more specificaly by the leading greek players in various stat categories.

I started out at “Schorzianitis BabyShaq 6-7 FG” and spent the rest of my day on the planet “Kakiouzis 15 pts 6 reb”, a mildly hot planet devoid of flora & fauna, but rich in copper and gold.




And hey i even got a new ship today! It only provided me with one extra slot, but slow wins the race, right? Best thing about this crash site though was the blueprint i found in a nearby machine for a Warp Drive Tau Class, which is the best there is and will allow me to travel even to blue stars and find the most exotic of resources!



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