No man’s sky – Starlog entry #20160904

So i’ve maxed out my multitool and spacesuit slots and am currently trying to get a better ship. At the time of writing this, i’m sitting at 38 slots. It will take some time until i reach 48 slots (the max) and it’s proven more difficult than i though – it seems that after a few new better ships, a particular system stops spawning better ships (i.e. it spawns only ships with fewer slots…). Continue reading No man’s sky – Starlog entry #20160904


No Man’s Sky – Starlog entry #20160825

Onwards with the atlas path! I reached my 4th atlas station today and i have to say these …beings, are getting weirder and weirder: Continue reading No Man’s Sky – Starlog entry #20160825

No Man’s Sky – Starlog entry #20160819

It’s my second day in the system “Greece-USA 101-95”. By the way, that is named after the last game that the USA Basketball Team has lost in official tournaments. The names of the 4 planets in this system are also inspired by that game and more specificaly by the leading greek players in various stat categories.

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Rebel Galaxy

* added 3rd episode of my let’s play series *

Rebel Galaxy is one of my favorite space games of all times and I’m a huge space games addict! It’s definitely an arcade game, with pretty light simulation elements and has no multiplayer to speak of. It is however one of the most polished and best paced space games of all time, oozing charm and style.

“Rebel Galaxy is a swashbuckling space adventure, with action-packed combat, exploration, discovery, trade, and “negotiation” with the outlandish denizens at the edge of the known universe.” Continue reading Rebel Galaxy

Commandos -Behind Enemy Lines

* Added Mission #13 *

Commandos – Behind Enemy Lines is the first game of the Commandos Series, one of best single player top down squad strategy games ever created. The most intriguing gameplay loop is finding how to combine the different skills of your commandos to your advantage and timing everything right.

“Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a real-time tactics game set in World War II that puts you in command of a small squad of elite troopers. Send them behind enemy lines on a series of hazardous missions, and bring them back alive. Clever strategy has never been so furiously action-packed.”
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